Fateh Fam Sepahan Thinner producer

Founded in 2010, we aim to meet the industrial needs of society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and future. Our company continues to go from strength to strength, learn from people and business which grew from a small workshop in Isfahan nearly over a decade ago to lead manufacturing and consider about Next Generation Products

Our Products

همواره هدف ما در تولید ارائه با کیفیت ترین محصولات می باشد تا بتوانیم رضایت مشتریان خود را به دست آوریم

Instant thinner

Instant thinners are called quick and dry air thinners. These types of thinners are used for car and air paint colors.

Nitrocellulose Thinner

Nitrocellulose thinners are examples of basic cellulosic paints such as silicone and car primer paints. Used to dilute dyes with nitrocellulose resin.

Industrial thinner

Industrial thinners are based on polyurethane and epoxy paints. Applications of these thinners include the shipbuilding industry, sports flooring, refinery and petrochemical tanks as well as water tanks.

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